Sam Jones Feeds His Demons

by Andy Shauf

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theoscheer thumbnail
theoscheer Such incredible storytelling, at such incredible depth. Favorite track: Sam Jones.
Holmann thumbnail
Holmann Great little EP. The start of my Andy Shauf trip. Favorite track: Feed My Demons.
Maria Heeter
Maria Heeter thumbnail
Maria Heeter So good! Makes me want to learn the clarinet. Favorite track: Sam Jones.
Martin Rabot
Martin Rabot thumbnail
Martin Rabot leave me where i am Favorite track: Two Little Clouds.
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen thumbnail
Kim Nguyen set yourself free, kiddo. Favorite track: Feed My Demons.
Patrick Book
Patrick Book thumbnail
Patrick Book A terrific EP that created the blueprint for a simply masterful full-length that followed. This release helped set the tone for Shauf's incredible maturation as a storyteller and songwriter. Read more about his full-length "The Bearer Of Bad News" at Sound Salvation Army: Favorite track: Two Little Clouds.
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Sam Jones 04:18
If you must you can call me Sam just leave me where I am smoking on the stairs freeing little white ghosts to the winter air I'll take my precious time I'm not going too far I saw you in my dreams you were shivering cold laying next to me I wrapped you in my arms you pulled away and said it did more harm than anything so you left me where I lay freeing little white ghosts to waste away another day I feed my demons well so they don't go too far Sam Jones how'd you get so sad they ask me, Sam Jones how'd you get so sad well I feed my demons well so they don't go too far if you must you can call me Sam just leave me where I am freeing little white ghosts
I met her on a Sunday morn she was all dressed in white whispering like a summers night I fell easy for her honest little smile Oh sweet Victoria couldn't shake her out of my mind she fell in love with my sad eyes we got married well before our time but oh how our love did grow never was a wealthy man i worked my fingers down to the bone bought a house on the edge of town one room with a little wood stove Oh sweet Victoria I don't think she ever complained she turned that small room into a home the winter howled but we kept each other warm and oh how our love did grow the winter ran long into the spring and took its toll on everything my mind was a darkened hall and poor Victoria it wasn't her fault I started drinking in double time trying to sooth my troubled mind she got quiet, Victoria defeated by a stranger in me and oh how my faults did show
I've never been a man who's wealthy in words but I can speak when I really need oh sweet Victoria sometimes it gets hard for me to say what I really mean you were the morning sun I was the night growing darker with every hour sometimes together we could be a dim light we would flicker and then disappear but oh to be so easily in love in the summer sun we would melt away and I would kiss your hand I'd make the simple things so difficult and you couldn't understand I 'd get tongue-tied so twisted up and you'd get so mad and I would unwind with a flood of words that I didn't know I had oh to be so easily in love and while the summer sun set on our skin we were two little clouds of smoke
came inside watched you breath a thousand words you'd never speak my harmful arms held you tight bruised your skin I thought I might Oh Victoria I know I am to blame dripping dry free of tears shook me off you made it clear you packed your bags left your keys shed your skin and set yourself free Oh Victoria I know I am to blame you drove away into a fog I stood still watched you disappear but somewhere down the snowy road you fell asleep and someone found you in morning light in twisted steel your body cold laying still so here I sit and recollect my regrets feed my demons


Four songs about Sam Jones.


released March 20, 2012

Andy Shauf played the instruments and wrote the songs.

Artwork by Meghan Fenske.

Design by Nicole Irene Dyck.


all rights reserved



Andy Shauf


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